Xbox 360 / one controller not detected on my ubuntu 18.04


Hello, I am a total noob but retroarch seems great. I have one problem, though: none of my xbox controller is detected. I read many messages but it seems that they are not related to my problem (it is rather about controller malfunctions). So, to be precise: retroarch simply acts as if no controller were plugged in, no matter what driver I select. Moreover, my controllers works just fine on steam, for example. What should I do?


Are you using the snap package? If so, you probably need to connect these plugs:

sudo snap connect retroarch:raw-usb
sudo snap connect retroarch:joystick

Also, make sure Steam is closed, as it hijacks gamepads and makes them do weird stuff.


Well, I had a configuration problem (my keyboard was not detected as well), so I reinstalled retroarch… And now my controller works… (?)


You can use the xboxdrv package if you want. so you controller does work now?


Yes, my controller works… I don’t know what happened.