Xbox 360 wireless works in menu not game

Hello How can I use this wireless 360 properly in android retro arch. I have a nvidia shield, 1st player in shield controller, no issues 2nd player I want Xbox wireless, I update controller profiles, no xbox360 layout.

Now, inside the menu in retro arch, everything is working , seems it’s using the NVDA shield controller layout, in game, doesn’t work, buttons won’t map etc.

I go into settings/input/port 2, I see nothing for xbox360 layout etc. Is there a trick to get RA to notice the inputs? It’s weird that I can navigate RA menus perfectly, but gameplay nothing works.

Now it’s not working at all, when I do turn on the controller inside RA, I get the famous message “Android controller game pad not mapped using fallback”

I noticed slot of posted referencing “xinput” etc but seems these are not choices inside RA Android and cant find anything online for wireless 360 setup

For reference - android game pad , there’s no Xbox 360 layout , and no buttons will map , even tho when I turn on the controller I see that RA sees it but not mapped and will not map

For some reason all of a sudden everything g clicked and was recognized

So weird

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