Xbox bluetooth controller not working properly

Well, I’ll try to explain what’s going on but it’s so confuse that I am still trying to understand.

I have one Xbox One controller, the new version, with bluetooth compatibility. I also have a 8bitdo SN30 pro controller, both are bluetooth and xinput compatible.

I can pair and use the xbox and 8bitdo on windows 10 (controllers and OS are 100% updated).

For some reason 8bitdo rumbles when it connects to windows, the xbox one doesn’t (it rumbled before, don’t remember when it stopped for the first time)

When only the xbox controller is connected, retroarch autoconfig doesn’t find a matching profile, the workaround to make it work is create a copy and rename the xinput standard profile or xbox one profile using the name the OS recognizes the controller which is “Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device”. Doind this most of buttons work, except the home button which does nothing and the L2 trigger that now works as a home button.

When both controllers are connected, retroarch identifies both the xbox and 8bitdo as xinput controllers and the proper configs works normally. If I decide to disconnect the 8bitdo, the xbox returns to the “bluetooth xinput compatible input device” naming/idenfitier immediately. It’s like something is “activated” which makes the xbox controller be recognized properly when the 8bitdo controller is connected.

If the xbox one controller is connected using usb, the proper xbox one controller config is loaded and everything works normally.

The issue is when connected alone using bluetooth, the xbox one is identified wrongly by retroarch, I don’t remember when this started to happen.

The controller works normally on steam and dolphin (standalone).

I’ve been trying to solve this for a few days with no success (tried many many things involving drivers). I think something has changed in the way controller presents itself to the OS and maybe that could be fixed on RA or perhaps I have a corrupt firmware on the controller.

If more information is needed I can provide. Thanks a lot for all the great work on Retroarch.

I am having the same problem. Windows 10, RetroArch 1.14.0. My Xbox Controller when connected with a cable works fine and is displayed as “Xbox One Controller”. When I connect with Bluetooth, it does not work at all with RetroArch and is displayed as “Bluetooth LE XINPUT compatible device”. I used the Joy.CPL app to test the controller in Bluetooth mode and its working fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This has started working, unsure why.

I bought a Gulikit Pro Controller to play on a Windows Laptop(Dell G15 GTX 1650), but everytime i open retroarch, i need to press RT, to retroarch recognize the controller, if i use a menu shortcut, keyboard or controller, i need to play RT to use the controller, when i go back to the game, i need to press RT again…

using on bluetooth W10 OS, drivers updated, tested on xinput and dinput modes, both with the same issue