Xbox Controller (Bluetooth) - "View" button not working

Official Xbox Series Controller. Connects fine to my Android phone and all buttons detect with Gamepad Tester App. In RetroArch all buttons work except the View/“Select” button. If I look at the bindings, everything is showing “[buttonname] (Auto)” including “View (Auto)”. However that button doesn’t work.

What gets really weird is if I try to map it and then save the controller config, ALL the controller bindings get removed and I’m just left with the keyboard associations!

At that point the autodetecting and the whole controller stops working and I have to remove the autoconfig file and redownloaded them.

I have been stumbling around that part of the RetroArch code, so I can at least answer the second part: if you do a partial map, it is currently not merged with the rest of the autoconfig, so if you save it, it will override the downloaded autoconfig with a file that has only Select button mapped. Some discussion is happening under about this.

Hey. Thanks for the response. I’ll keep an eye on the github. I still can’t work out why the first part of the problem exists tho!