XBOX Emulation has (finally) arrived!

Over a decade of waiting, and it’s finally here!!!

CXBX-Reloaded’s first stable release (v0.1) is now available for download from their patreon

It even runs pretty great! Obviously compatibility comes very much into play with such an early version, but games like Jet Set Radio Future look and play pretty great!

Massive news for emulation and preservation I’d say.


Has anyone Tested it how many Games work well on it?

There’s a compatibility list that has a good amount of games that have been tested. It’s kind of hit and miss at the moment.

JSRF is running amazingly DOA 3 works, but has some weird graphic issues DOA 2 works pretty well DOA 1 runs well, but the models are screwed up. Ninja Gaiden freezes on me during the intro movie Halo sounded like it was working, but I wasn’t getting any video

They have a showcase video out on youtube somewhere as well, I know that one showed Shenmue 2 running.

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I’ve been following this and Xenia, a Xbox 360 emulator which seems to be coming along pretty well too, great stuff coming, indeed.


I haven’t looked much at Xenia yet, mostly as I don’t have the games to throw at it haha. If it plays Dead or Alive 4 though, I might have to drop everything hahaha.

I know RPCS3 (PS3 emulator) has come pretty far as well, I need to get that setup so I can play some Scott Pilgrim 'cause sure… I can pull my old 360 out of the closet lol but who wants to do that??

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It seems Xenia is not far behind RPCS3, check this compatibility list, it’s something to keep an eye on. I know X360 has some really nice exclusives, just like PS3. RPCS3 is amazing, we can even play Demon’s Souls at 4k with smoother FPS than the original hardware. But we can also play 3DS at 4k now, so we can only wait for good stuff coming next.

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Steel Battalion will come back to life then ! Hurray ! :heart_eyes:

It would be great to have xbox cores in Retroarch! :smiley:

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It really, truly, would be. I’m not sure if CXBX-Reloaded (or XQEMU, for that matter) are open source at all though, which, if not, tends to get in the way of making a retroarch core.

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Yes, they are open source! :slight_smile: Look at:

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Ah that’s good news then! Perhaps there is hope yet! <3


It would be great to have some good ol xbox on retroarch. I could grind out all those Metal Gear Solid 2 VR missions again!