Xbox One ? Yes YOU CAN!

Go Team GO GO !! :smiley:

Apparently no, you can’t.

Microsoft Bans Game Emulators From Windows Store

It’s now a bit harder to install game emulator apps from the Windows Store, following an update to the store’s developer > terms and conditions that prohibits apps that “emulate a game system.”

It is still possible, just use dev mode to sideload

Just sharing the good word :wink: Based off of Libretro and currently supports GB/C, GBA, NES, SNES, Game Gear, Master System, MegaDrive, NEO-GEO Pocket, Wonderswan, DS, PS1.

and works on Windows 10, Windows Mobile and Xbox One :slight_smile:

For Xbox One DEV Mode needs to be enabled…


Retrix sounds amazing!

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It’s only been in development for a couple months :slight_smile: and he plans on adding more Cores. I will say though PS1 and DS run slow on Xbox atm. :frowning: But apart from that the others work fine.


Any update to this? anyone considering doing an official Xbox One port?

I opened a bounty for this -