Xbox Series X Arcade FightStick not recognizing

Hello. I just received a Razer Atrox for Xbox One in the mail. When I plug it into my Series X outside of Retroarch it works fine, but doesnt recognize it once I open Retroarch. I looked in my Driver settings and under input, my options are uwp or xinput and under controller the only option is xinput. Is there anyway I can get this to work? Any help is appreciated!

[EDIT] Shouldnt it come up as Generic 360 pad like the wireless Xbox controller does? It is connected with USB to my Series X and is not wireless BTW. Not sure if that matters

[EDIT 2] I also went into the Xbox Device Portal and opened File Explorer after updating controller profiles : LocalAppData/RetroArch/LocalState/autoconfig/xinput and I see lots of different controller configs, but none for Razer Atrox. Is there any way this could be added to controller profiles or can I edit an existing profile config to get it working?

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I have same problem. My fightstick is hori rap tekken 7 edition.It doesn’t work with any emulator.