Xenogears visual bug? Psx beetle HW

Hello Libretro Forums, so i started playing Xenogears for the first time a couple minutes ago and i noticed that some characters have this weird empty line on em, i’m guessing it’s a visual bug? Is there anything i can do to fix it? Here’s a screenshot : https://ibb.co/YDBXHM1

I’m playing the game x8 Internal Resolution and PGXP options. I’ve tried disabling some options but nothing changes.

This game uses tons of sprite assets, so it won’t work wonders when upscaled. Your best bet would be setting the renderer as Software under Quick Menu/Options or switching to the non HW core. Try increasing the resolution one step in software and see if the sprites get corrupted, if so, set it to 1x and use a nice shader instead.

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Thank you for the reply. Yeah I figured it would be my only solution sadly. I’m using the new HD Portraits Textures and it requires the game to be atleast at x4/x8, oh well. What shader would you recommend?

I think the sprite assets are actually 3D converted to 2D, since when I tried it on Retroarch some years ago, activating widescreen, the characters looked OK, not stretched, I could be wrong, though. Shaders are personal choices, you may prefer those who soften the image, there are those who like the crt look. I can’t help much there, try a lot of them and see the one you like best.

You can start with Retroarch\shaders\shaders_slang\denoisers\crt-fast-bilateral-super-xbr, then try the ones from the “scale” and “x” folders, like scanlefx, scalenx, xbr, xsal, etc.

This image below I recorded for the Hyperspin frontend some years ago, looking at it now, it intrigues me since I could swear I increased the internal resolution and activated widescreen, if you noticed, the characters aren’t stretched like I said above.

Have you tried setting the internal resolution to 2x in the non HW core?

Imma try x2 non Hw right now i’ll let you know.

I can do x4 non HW and no visual bugs as long i don’t use Memory Only PGXP option. I still think imma continue playing x8 because i’m using the newly released HD Portraits Textures and it requires you to use Vulkan. Thanks a lot man.

Makes sense that the PGXP features were messing with the game, disable them if you’re using HW, also other options that could ruin the graphics, since, as I mentioned, a lot of the 2D assets are converted from 3D, from what I gather.

Yeah I already disabled the pgxp and i still have the visual bugs. It must be related to vulkan or something but it’s fine. I’m really enjoying the game so i’ll just keep going!

I downloaded the first disc to try it out, since I’ve lost my old ext HDD. So, I tried with 4, 8 and 16x IR and the graphics won’t corrupt at all, even with PGXP activated in Memory. It’s the HW core. Are you limited to Vulkan for some reason? Every time I believed Vulkan was better just because others said, my experience was the opposite. I use an Nvidia card, if that makes any difference. Have you tried switching it to OpenGL?

Thanks a lot. Yes it has to be the HW. I’m limited to Vulkan because of the newly released HD Portraits that’s basically it. https://www.reddit.com/r/JRPG/comments/iyeqp2/xenogears_hd_portraits_project_v10_full_release/

I’ve tried OpenGL and i have the same issue. For some reason the textures won’t work if i’m not using Vulkan.