Yaba Sanshiro Disc Swap Question

I recently set up Retroarch on an Android TV box and noticed the Yaba Sanshiro core is available (and specifically runs really well)

However, I can’t figure out how to swap discs - for the Beetle Saturn core, I used an .m3u file that listed the various .cue files for a game, and it worked fine. For Yaba Sanshiro, it kicks me to the Saturn boot menu. Loading the .cue directly works though.

Does anyone know how to load a multiple disc game with this core?

If it doesn’t support m3u playlists, you’ll just have to use the disc control menu. I haven’t used it since the overhaul, but it probably works pretty similarly to how it used to: go to the menu, cycle the tray to ‘open’, go back to the game for a few seconds so it can see that the tray is open, go back to the menu, append the next disk, increment the disk index to the next disk, cycle the tray to closed, then go back to the game.

thanks for the reply man!

I don’t see the disc control option when I exit to the menu for a standard .cue file - any chance you remember where to find that option?

actually, I found the option you described, but it’s only available when I loaded an .m3u file (on a different core)

I never implemented the swap disc stuff into the yabause-based cores, because afaik it’s not actually required to play & finish the saturn multi-discs games that i know of.

I’ll take a look when i have some time.

ah, okay. I can see why that would be lower priority then. tbh, I’ve never made it to disc 2 on a game, but with how well (presumably) you and some other folks have gotten this core to run, I was thinking about finally playing through Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I would appreciate if you can add the functionality, but it sounds like it’s not blocking me.

thanks man!

Hi, sorry to revive such an old thread, but I was directed here from another forum about this exact topic. I was hoping Mr. BarbuDreadMon could provide and assist. Is there any chance at all an updated lr core could be released (even if it’s a git hub zip download) that would implement disc swap into the core? I believe the standalone version has this, but I love the Retroarch core version. It’s not as performant, but I need the customization options for things like overlays and other stuff in Retroarch. And this core is a beast compared to anything else I’ve tried. Would that be at all possible? Hell, I’d even be willing to Paypal a little seed money to get the ball rolling as a show of support.

I’ve said it many times, for various reasons i won’t work on that core anymore, as far as i’m concerned people shouldn’t use it. Are you that guy i already told to use standalone on retropie forum ?

If it’s possible please update this core to the latest version, the standalone recently just implemented Vulkan into the emulator. If nothing else this core will now be able to work with the slang shaders instead of the limited glsl shaders which is the main thing I’ve always wanted for this core. I already know the history with you and this core but that Vulkan feature being added just took Yaba Sanshiro to another level.

And this is exactly why i stopped working on that core and won’t start again, you mention vulkan being supported on standalone but there is currently nothing like this in the sources at https://github.com/devmiyax/yabause. Again, that guy is breaking GPL license, disregarding original yabause developpers and contributors, i won’t be a part of this shit, and you shouldn’t either.

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Damn. It’s been shaky with that dev since that emulator got turned into a core here. I hear you that he’s breaking gpl liscence but at the moment his emulator has been my only way to game with Saturn on Android so I’m kind of stuck with his emulator/core. Oh well, maybe something will turn up down the road.

It was already like this way before i ported his fork to libretro (which i did with his consent), actually i heard his behavior regarding code is no stranger to the fact original yabause project was abandoned.

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Hey I just recently looked at that link again and it looks like something in the code has been updated a month ago regarding Android Yabause. I’m not sure how any of this works as I’m just an end user but I was wondering if it would be possible to update the Yaba Sanshiro core at this point to the latest version? I just want to finally be able to switch to vulkan with this core, if not I’ll leave this whole topic alone and just stick with version 3.4.2 that I’ve been using.