Yabause on Android TV does it even work?


I’m have a lot of trouble too run the Yabause core on the Nvidia Shield. Everything i try fails. I tried al kind of different bios files i can find (Its really hard too find those with all those rom sites that are gone). Does it even work? Is there someone that can help me out? I just want to run 1 game that fails to run fast on the Beetle one, and it does not work well graphically on the standalone Yaba Sanshiro.


Yabause does not run well (or possibly at all?) on Android.


At least it does not boot anything at all for me. I’m 100% for sure its because of the bios files i use. I really want to see how bad it runs :stuck_out_tongue: If both the Saturn cores dont work why not remove them for the android versions of Retroarch.


Well, we usually just throw stuff out there if it compiles because it makes it easier for people to work on something on a whim if they don’t also have to get it to build, etc.


I’ve used the Yabause emulator (standalone) on my ZenPad 8.0 in the past, it worked, just a bit slow at roughly 15 fps)