Yet another question about Beetle Saturn performance

Hi! Can anyone confirm if the any of the latest processors can deal with 60 stable frames in heavy games for Beetle Saturn, with d3d11, swap chains 0, 32ms audio, and (as far as I could test, the minimum to get next-frame response in this core) 3 run ahead frames? With my i5 7th and integrated HD 630, I can’t even maintain a solid 60 fps without run ahead in d3d11 and swap 0, only could with swap 1 or GL hard sync 0. Support that settings with GL hard sync 0 would be fantastic too, but I can notice that d3d11 swap 0 pushes the low latency a little bit more overall. Sorry, the english it’s not my native language.

I’m not sure that it is being supported any more. Unless I missed it, it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Ι don’t think there’s any CPU that can do 3 run ahead frames on the Saturn Beetle core.

Also, the core (and i’m pretty sure the standalone as well) adds around 2 or 3 frames of extra input lag compared to the real machine anyway. So basically you need that amount of run ahead just to reach the same level as the hardware. Which can still have a few lag frames itself depending on the game, which means even more run-ahead frames on top of that if your goal is next-frame response.

There isn’t a CPU that can handle such kind of punishment at this moment of time. I hope the extra input lag is fixed on the emulator/core level but after all these years i think they would have fixed it already if it was possible. So i don’t have high hopes for that either.