1080p overlays with built in grids

I primarily use retroarch on retropie. And while it’s an outstanding solution for emulation, there’s not a lot of headroom for shaders. I decided to create a bunch of overlays using maths and grids etc.


You may find some you like, or not. Also, I’m working on creating non-grid versions of everything there, in case someone likes the overlay, but would rather add their own special effects. These are for 1080p displays only.


Those look really nice! Thanks for sharing them :smiley:

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My pleasure! I’ve updated a bunch of them and made the page more usable.

These look great, but have you noticed that the CRT effect seems to appear on top of the overlay as well for some reason?

That looks awesome! Thank you!

Amazing! Can you tell me how to make grid effect with photoshop? Thanks in advance!

Awesome, can you share your grid files to make my own layouts?