3DO for Arch Linux

Good day.

I installed Retroarch on an Arch Linux system using a video tutorial. I pulled up the list of cores via terminal commands, but I do not see core for 3DO. Is that not supported in Arch Linux?

it’s probably just not available through the package manager.

Most distros package RetroArch in such a way that hides our internal downloader with the intention that users will use distro packages for everything instead. This is fine, but a lot of cores, for example, don’t have packages available.

You can 1.) use one of our “universal” packages (snap, flatpak, appimage) that can use our infrastructure, 2.) reconfigure the distro RA package to re-enable everything and point to the proper user-writeable directories to make everything work again or 3.) leave it as-is and download things manually via web browser from buildbot.libretro.com and manually move them to the correct location.

Ok thanks for the reply.