4DO can't set up more than 2 controllers

I remember the original 3DO could daisy chain controllers together for multi-player games i.e. twisted.

When I go to retroarch settings for the 4do and go into setting>input and try to bind the keys for player 3 and 4 the inputs all say n/a instead input b, etc. I can still enter inputs in but it seems not to register in game.

I checked “controllers” in the retroarch settings and it seems to list only player 1 and 2. I have two fightsticks plugged in via usb and two wireless xbox controllers connected via wireless receiver, but not matter the configuration of the controllers I still only see 2 controllers available for binding.

Is there a way to add more controllers in the 4do core?

Okay, so installed 4do emulator on my PC and was able to set up four controllers in it.

But when I try to do the same in Retroarch (with the latest version of the 4do core) it still only shows 2 controllers in the “controllers.”

How to do I add more controllers?

Is there any way to emulate the 3do CH flight stick so you get actual analog axis control?