4DO Core Boot Screen

Is there a way to show the bios/boot screen when loading a game with the 4DO core?

Thank you.

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There is apparently no such option in 4DO Core. I imagine if there is, someone more knowledgeable than us will inform.

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…hoooooold up now. I have only ever seen it do a BIOS boot sequence if the system loads without a disk. I can’t even find a video online of a normal game boot up to confirm which is starting to irritate me. I was under the impression that with a disk in the only ‘boot’ signafier was the 3DO logo we see before a game loads.

3DO is one of the few systems I haven’t had the privilege of running in person. If there’s indeed a proper-boot sequence that isn’t implemented we are gonna need to start a bounty or something. I’ve said many times that boot sequences are the most overlooked, but experience-necessary features in all of emulation.

Prior to this thread I was under the impression the only system we don’t have a boot sequence in at least one core for right now is PS2 - but Play! is still in early days, and it uses it’s own HLE BIOS so I’m not expecting anything from that front in the near future.

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I was only assuming that it had a boot sequence. I can’t find any videos either.

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Yeah all I see is people booting it without a disc. I wish I could find just ONE video of someone turning on Gex or something from cold boot just so I could see the full sequence. Everyone’s already at the title screen or something when they show off a game though.

Maybe someone with a real 3DO could provide some insight? I never see them around town and eBay prices are like 150$ right now. yeesh

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Honestly though this encapsulates a fantastic point in preserving gaming history via emulation. The fact that we don’t know, and we can’t find out just from a simple google search is a little alarming for such a simple operation based question haha.

It’s a side-note, but this kind of justification for preservation via emulation is what really gets me revved up.

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I agree with you 100%

Only thing I can really find is a comment in this YouTube video of the Goldstar model 3DO booting up with no disc in it. Someone asks if this occurs with a game inserted, and another posted had replied no. 2nd comment from top.

GoldStar 3DO FZ-1 boot-up

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I would feel more comfortable with that answer had the video poster responded.

Hmmm it’s something that ends up ambigous for our purposes as well, I’m not surprised the full on sequence doesn’t roll out. Maybe 0:03 - 0:12 displays before a game though? I could easily see that happening.

Then of course there’s the fact that this is just a GoldStar 3DO, let alone all the other variants which have their own BIOS and could behave differently.