4K Bezel Overlay Variations


That’s cool, I wasn’t aware of this game really until now. Where can I get those marquee/bezel files?


Looks good, I thought you could use that steering wheel you found for me, as it matches the original reference image more. Nice touch with logo on the monitor bezel.

Nice find of ref, never thought to go to the source d’OH. I’ll update my marquee with this. As mine was ripped out of a photo of cab at a slight angle and had to do a lot of fixing. You noticed the inner star bezel, nice, I had to make it, but does complete the look, of course that was originally layed back much further in the cab and angled.

I agree Zaccaria must have had a good supply of drugs. Some of their can designs are woooo

I was referring to Stern about the drugs. If you take a look at the Stern bezel for Scramble it has ZERO look of the game and instead has what looks like a female alien about to take a load on her face from a penis shaped “joy stick”? When I first saw the Zaccaria Scramble artwork months ago I went on a hunt for it immediately. Eventually I found the source. Zaccaria have some of the most beautiful art ever put on arcade cabs IMHO. The side art on some of their cabs is insane. The designs are top notch.

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beautiful!!! donkey kong 3

Thanks. It was amazing to make it. I was on an endorphin high for hours after It was complete. I just sat there stunned at what I had put together from others work.

I did this four days ago


So who’s been a busy boy then. Looks great. I’m not much of a black light fan, but as a fun alternative they are cool.

Would love to see these on my cab. Maybe you could get a Google drive or mega account setup so you could share.

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I understand you circumstances, we’ve all been there. Hang in. But try these.

Mega account is free 15gb and if you use my scan code I think I get extra storage referral bonus. :hugs: I’m on free also. Mega link

I think if you have a Google account you get a free Google drive account. I haven’t paid either. So check that out.

Wow, would like to see your stuff on my cab just to see what you mean.

Im thinking of making some sort of excel sheet that lists all vertical bezel so we can see what is done, variations, by whom, and where to get. Or something. Im going insane trying to keep up. But I’m no excel guy at all. So might take time.


Wow! I had no idea you’d created so many of these, impressive output!

Per @briball’s comment, it would definitely be good to come up with a way of indexing all the variations for these overlays so people can find and use them. It does seem like the format is getting more popular.

I found this person on reddit who built a cool bartop using the vertical format today:

I need to go back over and do more large screen versions for the overlays I’ve already done. People with smaller screens like that would prefer that, I am sure.


Dropbox accounts are free, Dreamstate. Up to 2 GB, if you’re interested in sharing.

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I just spent the day cleaning up the Gemini Wing bezel. Do you know where I can find a decent marquee? I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find anything other than a super pixelated 1200X315 version and it’s just not gonna cut it.

Well, that does seem to be super rare. I’ve seen people trying to locate a scan of that for like 10 years now. So… I found someone selling it on eBay for $65 and I just bought it. I’ll scan it and share once it arrives in a week or so.


Well then awesome. I await the marquee eagerly. Yeah the bezel was pretty beat up but I’m pretty handy with a clone stamp tool and a regular brush. It’s lucky for me that most of the damage was on the background objects and the artist looks like they have a grade five artistic ability so it was easy for me to rapair. If It had been the foreground characters or text I would have been hooped. The original was over 50mb lol.

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That’s cool! Do you have a higher res version of that with your clean up? I could take it a bit farther if u don’t mind?

That marquee I ordered is in pretty bad shape and will take quite a lot of restoration work too :frowning:

As I said, original was 50mb. I had to let the online photo editor i use on my old machine downscale it to 15mb just so the flash base wouldn’t crash constantly. Also bear in mind my level of clean up won’t be anywhere near your level. I’ve used an old cordless mouse and used only very, very basic clean up skills. You’re welcome to it but I’m pretty positive you won’t want to tackle it. You would be much bette off downloading the original from the mame forums/official artwork thread for Gemini Wing.

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