4k verical Bezel (ArsInvictus and OrionAngel Style)

That reminds me I have to complete the black light version of this cab.

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Best looking cab yet, Briball, imho. Love it! Thanks.

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ok all my bezels now have a coindoor version here. _CD

and Thank you @benlogan good to hear, I just want to really thank the guys that make the bezels, marquees themselves, I mainly just put it all together, so much of the credit also goes to them. Also to ArsInvictus, as his Bezels really got me of on this track and enjoying it. also the research is fun.


right, here’s one, I couldn’t find much ref or highres ref for this it’s a bit rough, but I wanted to see what this would look like. (haven’t checked in my cab myself, but wanted to share) comments welcome or good ref :wink:

can find it here: ninjaw. Oops I have an old version on my drive, will update tomorrow.

Ran across this while looking at an alt Scramble bezel. Remember our discussion about the bizarre image on the bottom of the Stern Scramble bezel? Well this is the original bezel image alt_scramble-rated-R

Yes that is quite . . . . Unusual for an arcade game. Well I think LSD was a thing around that time so could explain it. Makes me wonder if there are any xxx-rated bezels ever made.

This is the closest I think any North American game ever got. Now I’m sure there’s some Japanese game art that was more racey than this. They have some truly bizarre stuff out there.There’s a cab with a life sized bent over female torso with tight jeans on I saw some time ago. You have to do something to the ass, like spank it or rub it, not quite sure. Strangest cab I’ve ever seen. Here is is. https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&url=http%3A%2F%2Fobsoletegamer.com%2Fweird-games-boong-ga-boong-ga%2F&psig=AOvVaw0mFBZeHFC5k5TsRnQrAjuc&ust=1591283085205000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKDLmc315ekCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD Oh and it seems you rub it, spank it, or stick your fingers up the rear end called a “Kancho”

Yeah, I remember seeing this a few years ago, the Japanese can make a game about anything, the weirder the better. Not sure how I would make a bezel for this one as the cpo is a bit bigger than usual.:confused:

Sorry to disappoint… but this is actually a Photoshopped version of the original bezel.

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Haha, that would explain it. Thanks for know.

Can’t say I’m disappointed to hear that.

That’s actually pretty funny, thanks for that info :slight_smile:

ok, had some time to continue on my Ninja warriors, trying to see if I can get the 3 screen look to work, but hope the transparency works. I haven’t checked in cab, not on it and not sure when i will get time.

get it from my drive if you want to check it out yourselves.

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@Dreamstate ok, had a little time to do this one for you, so try this out, wanted to try the cpo in this fashion, but can also do the top down if you prefer.

@Dreamstate did a small addition to the marquee so spot the difference time. @Dreamstate i have tried something new, check it out I wonder if you notice.


Hey @Briball, I was also working on a version of Vanguard with the assets from @Dreamstate for this one.

This is not the final version, I was thinking to do multiple versions with different screen sizes. But here is a larger screen version I was working on:

I’ve been avoiding working on overlays you have already done, from an efficiency standpoint. But we also have slightly different styles and I still want to do versions in my own style for some of these, such as Scramble. I’m not sure how we do this in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the community with options. Any thoughts on this?


We each have our own preferences that’s for sure. I like having variety. I literally have 3 different views per piece of art and then it doubles when there’s bootleg artwork available. Full artwork, lights on, lights off, black light versions… views with CP and without. It’s nice to have variety. My personal pieces have multiple sources from 3-4 people sometimes. I scrapped my CRT surround idea despite your suggestions on how to make it work Briball. I’m not that good with PS yet, not that I can even use that yet lol. The CPO looks great and Ars, your marquee looks incredible and I tossed my work on It the second I saw your initial renders. So we have some good elements coming along. I’m hopeful that by next week I might have a ZZZ coin mech to go along with a variety of other art souces for my own version with a black lit option.


not sure about the game, but what a bezel.

BTW anybody have any bezel ref for gunman (a boothill and gun fight, alternative version from Tiato) I can’t find much, I was wanting to do boothill then found some alternate version and would want to try doing them all to complete the set.

2577020-9650100136-19511 1203500620


I don’t know those games at all, but the coin doors look familiar :wink:


ok back from hols and just wanted to get something out, Frogger Zaccaria style :wink: but Finding any good ref was impossible, if anybody can point me to good ref for this, bring it on. if you see the ref I used you would be amazed i got this out of it. (if i say so myself)

that coin door does shine :wink: nice work @PapaShine

heres the example


Cross your fingers because I’m patiently waiting for some ZZZ art from MrDo and maybe, just maybe there might be some surprises in store for us all.