4k verical Bezel (ArsInvictus and OrionsAngel Style)


First I want to thank ArsInvictus and OrionAngel for their inspiration and I have used and will be using/building on their work, if they don’t mind. As i would like to keep in similar style as to keep my OCD in check. Also a still a noob in the world of MAME and RetroArch.

I am going to try my hand at some of the vertical bezels, now I don’t have much time, so I will post new when I can. This is my first try at this (yes I know how to photoshop) but getting my hands dirty on Bezels. So I am open to idea’s and constructive criticism.

my first Bezel is one that has been done, but I wanted to add a little more (that seemed was missing and as an alternative. also good way to compare quality.

I have created an excel sheet with all Vertical Bezels I could find. Vertical Bezels

hope you enjoy.


Wow, looks awesome. Well done.


ok thanks,

need to tweek a few mistakes on my aliensyndrome, but got side tracked doing this one. Found some great highrez ref at arcadeartwork.org. And some good feedback, but always glad to hear more.


and this is a trail, haven’t put it in my cab yet, but wanted to see what people think of this setup.


guess I’m on a roll, well trying to get more out there. Does anybody actually have a list of all Vertical bezels like this. Don’t want to step on anybodies toes or even do something double.


here’s the fixed version of aliensyndrome (alternate version)


ok I thought some might like to have the configs for the Battlezone Bezel.

now I am still quite new to Retroarch and still figuring A LOT out as I go, so if you know anything better then let me know.

google drive files

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My favorite! This and Scramble. Wonderful work. Thanks!

Thanks @benlogan and @Orionsangel ,

I also like Scramble so I have done a quick version. but I for the life of me could not find any better ref for the original cpo. I will keep that on my to fix later list if i find better. also might try two alternatives (Willis and Zaccaria)

I like to put the cpo on the overlay if i can, as I feel it’s part of the art and nostalgia, but wonder what the rest of you think. so feel free to tell me. I Like OrionsAngels work, as there is a bit of wear and tear which i do like, but I am keeping it clean looking for now.

anyway here is the overlay.


Wow! You just made my evening, Briball. Thanks so much. Absolutely super work.

ok did a version of the Zaccaria Cabinet , couldn’t get a good marquee for this one, hope to find or fix later. Just want to get some overlays out to a good enough quality and I think this should pass. Also this one would be a good candidate for a tilted back screen, but not sure how well that goes. should I?


Super cool. Forgot that Zaccaria produced video games as well as pinball. Great alternative cab!

I’ve added an overlays folder for you to get the files from there:


if there is any problem let me know.

I have also added all my configs and presets in here:

config files

just to clarify: config_MAMECORE place the ones you need into your config/MAME (or core that you use/need) shader_PRESETS my quick (and default settings) shaders I used ( HSM mega Bezel)

@ArsInvictus I’ve also put all my config for your overlays here too, I hope this can help people get things setup just a bit faster this way, but I’m not sure on all the ins and outs of retroarch to know if this works like this.

@HyperspaceMadness Also used your shader (really nice) but not sure if people can just copy paste presets after installing your shader as I might have an older version??


Hi, and thanks. The presets will likely not work with the latest releases of the Mega Bezel as it’s still in a beta state and still being updated regularly. Some updates require changes in both the presets and shaders at the same time. If you want to make sure things work in your package you can include your mega bezel package inside it.

Ah, that is so cool. My configs are pretty messy and I’ve been too lazy to clean them up and make them available to everyone.

I’ll post a link to your site on my thread too so people can pull them down and save the setup time.

Spacies Arcade has been doing 1080 versions of the config files and posting them with his youtube videos so the non-4K users can have configs too.

Ideally we should all probably consolidate into a github site for all this stuff so we can contribute and share with the community more easily.


Well I wouldn’t want to say my configs are tidy. As I have just been going through all your overlays as quick as possible so to me if it works and looked ok I saved them. But a good starting point for anybody to twerk to their liking.

I haven’t been doing nothing, I am working on converting the VCabinet bezels to retroarch configs. Most are neo-geo. I will have to go into each PNG and remove the monitor bezel for it to work with the megabezel shader. I hope that doing this is ok. Will try to contact creator before posting.

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That’s cool, just so you know, I have a Neo Geo generic overlay with the Dual marquee from Mr. RetroLust that I think is cooler than the single marquee on the vcabinet overlays. I’ve only converted maybe 10 or so into the format, but maybe take a look at this to see which you prefer. I can pretty quickly convert the rest, or give you the files to help with the conversion, if you decide u like the dual layout more. Just let me know:


I have never seen a list. Bezel creators like Orion, arsinvictus, krackerman, mr do/mameworld guys seem like some of the most passionate art creators in the community…making art for their enjoyment and giving out for everybody to use. It’s a beautiful thing imo.

You would probably have to grab every bodies released art and figure out what’s done/missing which would be quiet a task.

FYI great work with your bezels :grinning:


@Thatman84 thanks I hope to start doing more again.

I’m collecting as much as I can and getting it all in. Then see which bezel to work on next. Getting the VCabinet ones converted to retroarch. Almost all in, just going to see what to do with the monitor frame, looking into making Adobe script to remove as all neo-geo overlays are the same. @ArsInvictus Arsinvictus suggested his dual cab layout, which is very nice and would be cool, but I’ll get the VCabinet version in first, then see whats what. I like to respect the artist work and feel if I do a retroarch version, is a bit of a payback to all his hard work.