Ability to use Bluetooth/Wired Keyboard with RetroArch on Switch

Hey guys!

I am not sure if this is the right area on the site, but I could not post a new topic over in Retroarch > Nintendo. I recently bought a bluetooth QWERTY keyboard peripheral for my switch (on Amazon, search Nintendo Switch Wireless Keyboard), for the sole purpose and messing around easier in DOSbox (to get some games working correctly) since its heavy command line. The keyboard peripheral works great when not in homebrew, if I am in a switch game or in the Switch UI the keyboards inputs are registered. However, I have tried everything I can personally think of to get the inputs from the keyboard to register in RetroArch. My question is, does RetroArch support bluetooth keyboards on Switch? If so, how would I go about configuring it to simply work as a keyboard? If it is not supported, could this be something that could be done easily? I am definitely willing to donate/contribute to a bounty!