About core updates


…how do i know which cores need to be updated and which ones don’t? From Online Updater i can’t see anything about it…


There’s really no reason to update unless you run into an issue that’s fixed in an update or there’s some specific new feature you want to access.

Some people just update all the time, which is kinda silly IMO, since 1.) they’re almost certainly just downloading the same file over and over (i.e., when a core hasn’t been worked on since they last ran it) and even when there has been an update, it may not affect the platform they’re using (that is, many commits are build fixes for various niche platforms) and 2.) if the core is working fine, an update may introduce bugs that don’t exist in the previous version (there are threads all over the forum with people saying “I updated and want to roll back. wat do?”).

If you do want to update all the time, there’s a third party utility (available in a thread on this forum) that will check which cores you have that have been built since you downloaded it last. I forget what it’s called, though…


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if you do want to update all the time

i don’t want to, i just want to check every couple of weeks if any update is available.

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