About Dolphin Core

Hi, Im new to the use of Retroarch as well. Im glad of all the effort put on this project. I have been using Dolphin for many years. Today just ran dolphin core without any tweaks and worked flawlessly on my games. Well, I play on 1080 and 4k display. There is a way to set up the Internal resolution adjust automatically like Standalone Dolphin has? I just see the EFB set to (1x - 6x). Also, can I import configs and savefiles from same Standalone dolphin? since it is using same files. UPDATE: I just did this and work gamesaves, but for settings looks like dont. Another thing i forgot is about controller analog calibration, would like to be able to do so, because the emulated wiimote pointer moves alone to the up right corner quite slowly when I let the stick still.

There’s analog sensitivity/deadzone settings in RetroArch’s settings > input.

Internal res isn’t automatic, but you can set it high and it will up/downsample to fit. I think some settings from standalone ini files should carry over, but obviously not ones that are being handled by libretro/RetroArch.

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Hi , i am using lakka for raspberry pi 4 version 2.3.1 i have try to install dolphin-data it does install and extract but when i try to play a game cube game there is no dolphin in the core list anyone has encounter this issue?

Hi, any chance someone could do some hotfixes/improvements for this core (nothing big, bios toggle, some PAL games not loading, m3u support, … cf Dolphin GitHub). Thanks.

Well it seems that i am the only one in the world who experience this gonna try to find a fix