About the core MAME update

I would like to know how the MAME core update is, I have seen that sometimes it is updated immediately, other times it takes up to two versions. Official Mame is updated every month.

We were updated in 0.222, just yesterday version 0.223 came out (and the romset of course), so if retroarch is updated, I update the set, otherwise I stay at 0.222. Where can you see that information?

https://github.com/libretro/mame is the place to look. We have a new guy working on the core now, so I expect it will be updated pretty quickly.


An idea, And if the kernel is updated every 4 versions (4 months) or 3 as a standard, that could lighten the work and make life easy for the users. Anyway, we don’t have to have the latest mame kernel, most of the changes are not important.