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When running retroarch.exe in Windows 10, first I get an error that d3dx9_43.dll is missing, then Norton AV detects that libintl-8.dll is infected, and it quarantines it. Anyone else encounter this problem? I tried other versions and get similar results…

I have Bitdefender and my file scans don’t detect anything bad never had any issues. reinstall it and make sure the folder is located somewhere like Downloads, Documents, or Desktop, Not in program files. About norton, just white list the file and try to run retroarch as administrator.

Hi- I have dual monitor set up, I run RetroArch in fullscreen Window Mode

when i move the mouse over to my other monitor and click it pauses retroarch, any setting to basically not pause it when clicking outside the screen?

Hi there. I’m new here! I don’t believe I have topic making privileges in order to ask in my own thread yet and I do not see a general FAQ that mentions this subject that I need help with. I’ve asked in many other places too, so this is a last resort, but I do hope to stay here. Things here are very clean.

Anyway, so I’ve managed to get very comfortable with Retroarch recently but I’m having some issues getting Thumbnails to work properly! They were working last night, and now they just don’t show no matter the platform. I’ll use the Online Updater, and it downloads to the correct folder. Nothing. Quit retroarch, restart and Run as Admin. Still nothing. Download the zipped thumbnail packs from libretro.com, still nothing. I just can’t get them to work anymore! I don’t know what to do from here and really need some help. If its something extremely simple, sorry for being a bother. Thanks for the help.