Adding overlays to Retroarch games: how to do it?

Hi guys! I’m newbie in Retroarch and I downloaded the last version of Retroarch for Windows 64 bit (1.8.5) and i wanna add some overlays, but i can’t understand how to do it :sweat_smile: I want to add a different overlay for each system and change the screen ratio, but i can’t find the right menu options to do it. Sorry for my bad english, but i’m italian :sweat_smile:

Can someone help me? Thanks!

If the overlays are already set up (as in, someone has already made the cfg file for it and you just need to assign it to a core/game), you just need to load the core and some content and then go into the quick menu > onscreen overlays and then at ‘overlay preset’, just navigate to the overlay’s cfg file and load it.

If you need to move/resize the screen to fit it, go to settings > video > scaling and set the aspect ratio to ‘custom’ and then use the viewport x/y and height/width options to make it fit.

Once you have it like you want it, go to quick menu > overrides and save a core/game override as needed (‘core’ to make it load any time the core is running and ‘game’ to make it load just for that one game).


Thank you so much! Where can i find overlays already set up? Or what i have to do to edit the .cfg file correctly?

Look in the overlay threads, like from Orionsangel and ArsInvicticus (spelling?)

I will take a look, thanks :+1:t2:

Is there any way to move and resize monitor aside from using arrow keys to adjust window size? For example, if we know which numerical values we want for x, y, width and height, is there some way to just type them in, rather than manually stretching and moving the window by “live redrawing” via cursor keys?

Ideally, it would be great to be able to save and load a couple of presets as “starting points” to work toward various custom window sizes. Is there some way to do so?

Thanks in advance. I’m new at this, and have actually searched extensively for an answer via YouTube and docs here.

Only through the config file, but sure, you could make an override that you use as a template and just rename it for each core as a starting point.

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Thanks for the reply, hunterk. Good idea with the core override template as starting point. I’ve been hesitant to create one, because I’m thinking if I set a core override at this point, I’ll have to reposition all the monitors I’ve already lined up on individual games. Is this correct? Or do individual game overrides already set in place stay active even when a new core override is introduced?

Hope this question makes sense!

game overrides supersede core overrides

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Totally appreciate your responses, hunterk. Thanks!

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