Adding the new Philips P2000T emulator (M2000) to the BuildBot?


I’ve ported the Philips P2000T emulator (M2000) to Libretro and now are looking for someone to talk to, so possibly my repo can be added to the Libretro Buildbot. The M2000 repo can be found here: and contains a .gitlab-ci.yml file in the root.

Could someone provide me some guidance on how to get this new core added to the BuildBot?

More information on the Philips P2000T and its games here:

Regards, Dion


Hey, yes, you’ve already done most/all of the heavy lifting, so all we need to do is add your repo address to our crawler. I’ve brought this to the attention of the guy who has access to do it and he will hopefully get that going very soon.

I poked around your repo some a few days ago when you submitted your info file. Looks great!



Thank you for your work !

We have enabled it but it seems some platforms are failing to compile, may you have a look ?

Here is the latest pipeline

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Thanks for including M2000; I’ll have a look at why the build is failing

  • Dion

Hi, I made some changes to my Makefile and now all builds are successful. What is the next step from here?

Thanks, Dion

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Nothing, you’re all set!


I get an error when I try to load the core for info.

[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: "E:\RetroArch\cores\m2000_libretro.dll"
[ERROR] Error(s): %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

In RetroArch version 1.17.0 (stable) the P2000T core doesn’t show in the Core Downloader list, but it does in vesion 1.18.0. Is that expected?

Try updating your info files in the 1.17.0 build. It may still be in the list, just shown under the filename (e.g. instead of the proper name (i.e., Philips P2000T (M2000)), since it uses the info files to make that connection.

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I just noticed an error in the Makefile which I copied from the libretro samples, which was basically disabling the MinGW cross-compiler variables. Let me fix this.


Works great! Looks like I have a new core to create a graphic for! :partying_face:

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Hi @gouchi and @hunterk, I now also added the ‘Emscripten’ platform to the P2000T (M2000) emulator core build. What do I need to do to add M2000 to the RetroArch web player (i.e.

Thanks, Dion

I’m not sure how often it’s refreshed, but I think just adding that target and having it build successfully is all you need to do on your end.

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When I go to and use my browser’s Developer Tools to hack “m2000” into the Core selection dropdown, I can indeed run the M2000 core. So it seems that the M2000 core is known in the Web Player, but only not listed in the Core dropdown (yet).

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Thanks for the help; M2000 is now available in the RetroArch Web Player !

BTW: I created a “P2000T Web Player” based on the RetroArch Web Player code, see