Additions To The Dot-Art Theme: 2nd Impact

So I’ve been looking at the Dot-Art theme and kcin2001’s expansion pack for it but then I noticed it didn’t cover a bunch of things so I decided to rectify it with My very own expansion pack to Dot-Art to bring it to a more complete feeling!

What’s Supported in this expansion pack? (In chronological order)

  • 2048
  • Atari 5200 (The -content icon is an AVGN easter egg by being a bottle of Rolling Rock in homage to the episode on the Atari 5200)
  • Atari 7800
  • Bandai Pippin
  • Cannonball
  • CP System 1
  • CP System 2
  • CP System 3
  • Cave Story
  • Dinothawr
  • FFmpeg (though it has been changed to a joke at the user’s expense.)
  • Mr. Boom
  • Neo Geo
  • Nintendo New 3DS
  • Rick Dangerous
  • RPG Maker
  • ScummVM
  • Sonny PlayStation 4

As for other changes it does:

  • It improves some icons from the aforementioned expansion that inspired this one.
  • It adds some variations for some of the pre-existing stuff such as (DLC) or (Download Play).
  • It adds a -Content file for somethings that had a replacement from either the first expansion or the base Dot-Art theme
  • Completes the menu icons so now all of the menu icons have a pixel art icon associated with it.
  • Hidden and possibly unused icons?!

I also included 3 Virtual Boy boot up screen styled images that keeps the RetroArch spirit and a sound pack

Get it at:

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Looks nice but there are some things I do not agree > Atari - 5200-content being a wine bottle > Cave Story icons could use a darker palette > Icons in general could use a darker palette I noted that the original dot-art theme had an eerie gothic retro vibe that was totally lost in subsequent versions

Maybe when I’ll find a good hosting website I’ll publish my version of the dot-art theme featuring changes from all you folks following the dot-art vibe I felt

Edit: I’ll probably write a post later with an updated version of the dot-art theme

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github is a good place, and may be able to join retroarch.

Atari - 5200-content being a wine bottle.

I said it’s a bottle of Rolling Rock as a reference to Angry Video Game Nerd’s episode on the Atari 5200.

Cave Story icons could use a darker palette.

I used the original sprites as is. Just scaled up with the rest of the iconcs.

Icons in general could use a darker palette.

I understand that but I wanted to add a splash of color to lighten things up. That and if I kept the darker colors it’d be not as good with the new wallpapers I have being kinda dark. Plus most of the gothic vibe was just Castlevania sprites used as is which got made more diverse in the revisions.