All Win, Linux, Android Cores as of 2020-08-01

As the title says. Plus some Stable 1.8.9 for Android, PSP, 3DS, Wii and Wii u. I am also sharing cores that were different back on 2020-07-25. I had some trouble with the latest Snes9x core (Super Mario All-Stars would blank screen) so I use the older core. Looks like it could be a .info file problem… anyway .info and assets and shaders are all there if anyone needs.

Sorry no Vita or Switch or Windows exes I don’t really run Windows anymore. I only kept the cores for when someone running windows would ask for an older version and I only had the Linux core.

Good luck everybody and to the Libretro team.

Edit: fix some typos and the link.


Thanks for Uploading That

do you have 32 bit windows cores? cause im missing x86 version of scummvm core and would love to get it. i cant find it in the nightly builds.


Did you look in my backup? 2020-08-01 > Windows_x86 >