Amiga CD32 (A console based on the Amiga 1200) only core for RPi3

I’d like to have an Amiga CD32 only core (separated from generic Amiga core) because it’s “a console” -> GamePad control in mind -> easier to play from your couch (and configure etc.). The RPi3 port should use Amibarry (an enhanced version of uae4arm…) as a base that work great on RetroPie… Anyone interested ?

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Yep, I’d support this bounty too !


I’ll pay [$30] for this…

How is amiberry compared to something like fsuae or winuae for pc?

I have no clue on the technical side but would the best emulator for amiga be the best core for RA to port?

Either way i will chip in

Amiberry is basically a “fork of a port” of WinUAE. In fact is a fork of uae4arm which in turn is a port of WinUAE, originally developed for Pandora (a “Nintendo DS” style minicomputer from 2010) and subsequently for others ARM based devices.

More info: Home: GitHub:

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BTW, would this bounty have to be Pi specific ? I guess it would be cool to have a lightweight version (using a faster port of UAE) and a regular version for PCs using fs-uae (which is actively developed and has so many more features).

A supported FS-UAE core would be great, which does support CD32, and WHDLoad format roms.

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Amiberry have heavy dependence from SDL and GUICHAN library. so it’s not a very good candidate for a libretro core. however I’ve done a POC time ago on RPI3 using sdl-librero , but it was too buggy to release and never had time to rework on it.

I was not aware of these issues, I suggested Amiberry because it seemed to me the best emulator already available for the ARM platform. Of course any other solution would be okay (i.e. a porting of WinUAE or FS-UAE to ARM)…

The idea behind my project is to bring the Amiga experience to a hardware capable of supporting it in a smooth way. I know the RPi3 is fit for that purpose (ie Amiberry). I am also convinced that the Amiga “console” should be separated from the Amiga “computer”, this would provide a more seamless experience to the RetroArch platform… Of course I’m open to alternative solutions (ie RPi3-> PC) if my request would be too difficult to achieve. FS-UAE is a great thing, mainly for it’s “configuration DB” and the easy-to-use interface, but it’s basically a fork of WinUAE.

If FS-UAE result easier to port to ARM platform the “bounty hunter” is free to choose any Amiga emulator seems appropriate. WHDLoad is a great idea so, it’s support to the core may be a welcome addition to my request.

Oh yes, libretro desperately needs a proper Amiga core :slight_smile: I guess there are quite a few challenges : how to handle the lack of 50 Hz (it’s so sad those butter smooth games have tearing or stuttering on our screens), how to handle resolution switches / interlaced modes, proper handling & indexing of whdload games… including savegames etc. But as you all know, the best computer of the 80s needs a proper treatment :slight_smile:


Anyone come across a dev thats up for porting a new Amiga core???

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We don’t even need a new core but somebody to actively work on completing libretro P-UAE to build out the features it doesn’t appear to have although the documentation is there e.g. CD32 support, 2 controller support, ease of uae configuration.

I would gladly stump up for this!

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Me to, but it seems cash is not a great motivator. We need to hunt down a dev and plead for help! Or kidnap one and lock them in the basement lol

Has anyone actually made this into an active bounty?

I would also be willing to contribute to this bounty to have a good Amiga / CD32 core with 2 player support.

Bounty created. Links below:

Please add to the bounty if you can cheers

I would rate amiga emulators in this order in terms of accuracy.

1.Winuae and FS-Uae 2.Amiberry 3.Uae4all2 4.P-Uae

A core of Amiberry or FS-Uae would be the best outcome.

Until a good core comes along Im using LE9 Remix and running cd32 games from emulationstation. It uses amiberry and supports quite a few devices like RPI3 and S905 models and Odroid C2. The Generic version uses FS-UAE and I have that booting from usb on my PC.

I had a similar idea for the Amiga500 [1], which seems to be the system with most games available. The the CD32, as a console, seems to be the obvious choice however it “only” sports 175 games :smiley:

In any case I would support it with money, just not the RPi3, I need it to be x86

And for those who didn’t know, there is also WinFellow [2]?

1: Exclusive Amiga500 core?