Amiga (PUAE) fullscreen in windows

Hi. Doe anybody knows how to get fullscreen 16:9 without black borders?

On some games, e.g. Micro Machines, I always have two black side borders. None of the core options seem to work. The same game in FS-UAE gives a nice fullscreen.

What am I doing wrong? Please don’t give me advise if you haven’t tried it yourself.

Thank you beforehand.

The game mode uses a slightly narrower width than 640/320, and that is the minimum allowed crop: retroarch_2023_03_12_19_27_09_082

Thanks for your quick reply. But how does FSUAE clears the job? I thought these emulators were all family, so wat FSUAE can do, should also be possible in PUAE?

This is a case of “won’t”, not “can’t”.

Going narrower would cause extra bother with keeping the virtual keyboard usable in those resolutions too, without any other benefit than enabling the destruction of aspect ratio.

If I understand you correctly, I can forget the complete full screen in PUAE. I’ve been trying hours to get things right, but now it seems there is no real solution. Now I can be reassured and forget about it.

PS: using Launchbox, I can always launch these “difficult” games with another emulator. I really hate sidebars…

Thank you so much.

What other emulator ? :grin: