Amiga work?

Hello, I am trying to get my Amiga 500 roms to work I have the correct bios but puae is very slow on my pi3b despite everything. I wanted to use uae4arm but to change diskette it is mission impossible even with a .uae file. Does anyone know more, any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance !

Try chaning System->CPU Compatibility from Cycle-exact to something else like More compatible or Normal.

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Older PUAE 2021 core is meant for low-power machines. It is the branch 2.6.1 in the repo.

Also there is no need to hassle with uae files, but it is still possible. For multi-disk floppies M3U playlist or ZIP (which generates the M3U) is the easiest way to go regarding disk changing, but WHDLoad LHA is the supreme method.

Cycle-exact is currently only enabled by default on desktop x86-64 machines, and everything else gets the fastest “Normal”.

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Thanks for your answer, I’ve try all of cpu options but nothing is good

Thanks for your precise explications I go to try the differents methods. :+1:

With WHDLoad it’s very good ! It’s the supreme method !! :sunglasses: thanks now I can play Amiga games on good speed with fast loading, good day to you :+1:

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