Analog Shader Pack version 3 is HERE!


Select Load content >> settings >> Filter unknown extensions, set to off.

It hides everything that is not a known rom format and unfortunately presets as well.


Is there a way to convert this fantastic pack in GLSL format ?

I tried to convert Sony PVM S-Video but I have some problems with and overall configuration.

If someone can help me.



Yes, this pack need GLSL remake


And also Slang (Vulkan) conversions. :slight_smile:


anyone know why every shader in this pack crashes retroarch on windows 7? tried retroarch_debug but there’s no errors logged when it crashes, just the windows ‘stopped working’ screen. i actually got Zenith to work once but i have no idea how or why. version 2 of the pack works just fine


I know i’ve been awol for awhile but never fear, in the midst of re-doing the pack in the new slang format and also avoiding any hack jobbed shaders so hopefully it can get a github upload when it is all said and done, so if you’re getting crashes just ask to be a little patient for awhile, also got some other surprises coming :slight_smile:


Cant wait to finally see it.


Loving the shader pack, thank you so much. Was looking for a nice curved soft CRT shader and yours fitted the bill perfectly. However, after a while of playing I get a nasty flicker on my screen - only in the shader area - which persists even when I shutdown retroarch. I’m running games on Nestopia in 4:3 aspect ratio, on a widescreen monitor, 1920x1080, 60hz, in fullscreen, non-windowed mode. Any help on getting rid of it would be really appreciated, as I loved the CRT curved shader!


I have a request. Would it be possible to add curvature to the CRT/PVM shaders similar to that of CRT-:Lottes? the curve looks great with tv-like overlays.

EDIT: Nevermind! Turns out there is an option to do this in the shader itself.


It is just what I was looking for and could not find in the official repo. I don’t know how to thank the effort. It is, simply, amazing. Congratulations.


Can someone tell me the name of the last game shown here? the girl holding the sword, yes?


soul calibur 1 Xianghua


Does this pack work with Vulkan ??


No. Only slang shaders work with vulkan.


Thank you. My system only works better if it keeps with Vulkan driver. So, I hope the author soon release in Vulkan’s version


Yo Solid, any chance you might still have a backup copy of your original shader pack and overlay you used for this:

Sometimes I love to run this old shader in an older version of Retroarch, but I use the border all the time even with your newer shaders. I lost my hard drive over the weekend and would love to grab another copy of them.


Nevermind, I found it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything, Solid, you help make retrogaming awesome!



Any news on a Analog Shader Pack version 4 ?



Funny you ask :slight_smile:

I want to apologize i haven’t been active on here or answering people emailing me about support, I had a close death in the family a few months back and just hadn’t had it in me to work on things or check messages for awhile.

That being said I have picked back up on progressing with version 4 recently and things are coming along real well, hoping I can maybe target a release in late May, early Summer release give or take. Here is what you can expect:

I’m taken every praise and deep criticism to heart, basically i’ve started all over from scratch and everything is being built to use vulkan as it seems to be the direction everything is going for cross-platform compatibility. There will be NO hacked or old shaders, everything is built using .cgp’s using the shaders that are included with retroarch right now. This means hopefully when all is said and done it can get included in the github should hunterk and the guys kindly accept it :slight_smile:

Another big thing, on the issue of performance. I recently picked up an Nvidia Shield last fall that is my dedicated platform that i’m using to design the pack around. I’m targeting that any shaders in the pack should be able to run at full speed/60fps on the Shield for the majority cores running up to the Playstation era. I think it’s a good solid device that is more powerful than a Raspberry Pi and gives me greater flexibility but also won’t break the bank either. So if anyone wants to start thinking about a console that you know they will work on, consider picking up a Shield, it is truly the best retro gaming device there is on the market IMO.

Right now my focus has been less on quantity and more on quality, one problem I think with v3 is I think it was overboard with so many settings including some that are too similar. This will be a more streamlined pack where every setting and TV/monitor will have a unique look to it, but don’t worry there will still be plenty of settings. Also I know some people felt my last ones the gamma was set too high and part of that was due to my monitor calibration sucking. So I am not going overboard with color and brightness tweaks except for unique circumstances requiring it (i.e an arcade monitor SHOULD be brighter than a cheap consumer TV set)

Finally I have lots of new surprises as well, stuff that is more fun than less authentic, all I can say is have you ever imagined what a Super Nintendo game might look like on a Genesis? Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Sounds great :slight_smile:

If it’s all presets of existing shaders instead of duplicating shaders, we can definitely merge it in.

Also, the slang shaders will work with D3D10/11/12, too, so it should cover a lot of users, and if it’s preset-based, the vast majority should transfer to GL with no problem.