[Android] core keeps disappearing

Having an issue with a specific core. It’s the PS1 Duckststion core. Almost every time I close out of RetroArch and then launch it again (usually an hour or so in between sessions), I find that the Duckststion core has disappeared. This only happens with the Duckststion core. It’s a bit frustrating. However, none of my safe states or key bindings or any other setting s disappear with it. Whenever I redownload the core, the settings and save states are all still there. Any ideas?

Also, sorry for posting this here. I didn’t see how to start a new thread.

The Duckstation core has been renamed to Swanstation to differentiate it from the upstream Duckstation emulator from which it has been forked.

it should be there. Make sure your core info files are up-to-date via the online updater. What platform/device/OS are you using?

Android. Samsung Galaxy S22+ running the latest version of Android. And I just ran the updated and still it doesn’t show.

well, the core is right here in the buildbot filesystem: http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/arm64-v8a/swanstation_libretro_android.so.zip

If nothing else, you can download that and use the ‘install a core’ routine to get it into the right location.

Interesting. So how do I download Swanstation? I can’t find it on the download a core menu.

Awesome. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully this works and stops the self deleting issue.