[Android] Thumbnails on external storage?


Kind sir! I’ve read alot of your posts and I greatly appreciate your insight and vast RA knowledge. Apologies for tagging you via reply here, but as a new user, I do not believe I’m able to message you directly, let alone begin a new post/topic. Thank you for indulging me!

Wondering if you can shed some light on an issue I’m having- I’m using a 2nd gen firetv, and having storage issues on the device, as far as loading/using thumbnails goes.

I can use rhe online updater tool to pull in NES thumbs successfully, but I’m strapped for space to do any addtl consoles.

I’ve downloaded all desired thumbnail zips manually, and have unzipped everything I need. I’ve placed them on my USB hard drive, which is connected to the fire TV(where all ROMs are also stored).I’ve changed the directory tree in RA settings accordingly, and have tried to scan my box art folders using the add content function, to no avail.

How the heck do I get RA to pull in and apply thumbs to all my other ROM collections outside of using the online updater tool?

Many thanks in advance for your time!

RetroArch 1.3.4 Thumbnails Problem

Hmm, I don’t know if RetroArch is able to read/write files from external storage like that (thank Google’s bizarre “security” policies for that).


It does work, I have my thumbnails on the SD card on my NVIDIA Shield Tablet and used @dlnp22 's method.

Maybe it’s a FireTV thing.


Thank you both for the quick responses!

It’s odd, as RA can read and add the ROM zips off the usb drive just fine. Frustrating, but I can live without the box art, I guess. :sunglasses:

Thanks again!


Metchebe, after you placed your thumbs files on your SD, how did you get RA to add/apply to your playlist?

Did you just set the thumbnail directory to that folder on your SD, and RA applied automatically, or did you have to hit the + icon and add the content by scanning the directory? (Hopefully that run on made sense :wink: )


Yes, I simply set the thumbnail directory to the folder on my SD card.

If correctly named, RA will show thumbnails for playlist entries, you don’t have to re-scan.

Sometimes databases change and thumbnails use old names, those need to be fixed manually (re-named).