Animated background?

Is it possible to make a custom “outrun” background?

If you want it animated, the only way to do it is with a shader. You could use this shadertoy as the background:

If you want to use screenshots from outrun, you could modify the imgborder shader to use more than one image and then cycle through them on a timer like a slideshow.

Not specifically the game outrun, it’s an art style, I was talking more stuff like this: Link Found a shader on it here, now i just heed to import it.

Ok I feel like I’m jumping into the deep end here but, I have tried googling tutorials and digging thru forums to no avail. Can anyone walk me through how to take a shadertoy file or whatever you call it and make a .glsl file that I can then export to retroarch? I feel strangly stupid normally I can work my way around these kind of things but I’m drawing a blank .

eh, it’s a bit of work and you need to know how to code shaders to port from a shadertoy to a RetroArch-compatible *.glsl shader, and then once it’s working in RetroArch, you need some code to make the game window show through it / over it. You can look in the ‘borders’ directory and see how those work. Most are adapted from shadertoys.

Ok so porting over to a third-party software like synthclipse is the right way? Was hoping for something a little less complicated but if it was just as simple as copy and paste it wouldn’t be worth bragging about.

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