Animated overlays glitch

When using an animated overlay every few minutes it will glitch for a split second. Is there any way to fix this?

I think that’s related to the video driver. I don’t know what causes it, though. Try switching to a different one.

That did the trick. Any way to save a core config file to use a certain video driver. So like dolphine uses d3d11 and say bsnes uses vulkan?

Yes, whichever one you use the most should be in your main config, and then you can load whichever core you want to use a different one with, change it, then go to quick menu > overrides > save core override.

This can get dicey for cores that don’t want to even launch with the global choice, but you can just change any other setting and save the override (just to create the file with the correct name/location; this is typically [retroarch_dir]/config/[corename]/[corename].opt, btw) and then open it with a text editor and replace the one line with video_driver = "d3d11" or whatever.

Thank you for the help.

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