Antiseptic Theme

Some month ago, I stumbled uppon this and this

It’s a colored pixel art theme started by

I started creating cartridge icons then got lazy and finally lost the theme.

It would be great if someone could complete it, because it looks good even on larger screen:

I forgot to mention that the author told in his mail that he was OK if his work becomes part of RetroArch. So we can certainly convince him to relicense them under GPL or CC.


Beautiful! Love seeing the whole console rather then just the controller. The colour also brings some life to the menu (have gotten use to Monochrome).

Do you have a git branch up for this, or did you loose it completely?

I’ve just found this collection which is more exhaustive.

I think I’m gonna give it a try adapting them for Retroarch.

edit: just saw the source link at the bottom of the page. I remember those now: that’s from a Japanese guy that made them at the end of the 90’s. I probably had them on my first PC, that’s funny. He was making awesome Japanese dishes icons too and other stuff like that.


It seems you have good memory :wink:

A little more up to date icons pack.


I started checking that site but went into something else… thanks for finding those that’s funny. There was a lot more or perhaps that was another guy, not too sure.

And even so… it’s still missing some stuff for a Retroarch theme. I used most of those I need already.

edit: made a new topic for it.

Where is the new topic?

Indeed where?

I had a message “Waiting for admin confirmation to be published” or something. Don’t you see anything? the name is “Yoshi-kun Theme”.

Hey this is pretty!!!