Any hope for dolphin current core

Any hope for the dolphin current core? The current version of the dolphin already has a lot of improvements. I have a lot of problems with the old core in retroarch, such as HD textures for RE3 not working, or lack of support for codecs in games from EA (SSX3, NFS Underground).

the most difficult part will be the controls :sweat_smile:

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plays F-ZERO GXpresses whats supposed to be mapped to “Y”veers off the track instead of boosting

plays meleeslips off stageattempts recoverytaunts

Jokes aside, Sonic Riders NEEDS that intro fixed.

Dolphin core has weird graphics glitches that aren’t present in the standalone.

One example is the 1080 sbowboaed game. The shadows are messed up on every graphics API in Windows. But even if you use a standalone version 5 years older, the shadows are correct.

So, either the core is based on some ancient version or its simply broken.

This is probably because the standalone dolphin has many more configuration options. The retroarch core lacks many of them, such as the ability to enable or disable two cores, but not only that.

I’m also very interested in this tip…anyone?

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It seems, a well-functioning Dolphin Core is on the last pages of the developers to do list. A lot to improve yet. Core crashes unexpectedly, controls are messed up and many games don’t run properly.

I think having a well-functioning standalone version discourages developers;