Any information about Dolphin?

Seems like the core still has many issues compared to the standalone. First thing i noticed was that the Ubershaders don’t seem to work. There is a ton of shader compilation stuttering even when enabled.

I tested only one game, 1080 Avalanche and it has broken shadows. Standalone works great. At least by using the default options. Is the core version very old? I have no idea which version it is compared to the standalone because it doesn’t say.

Also, is there a discord, or Github, or twitter or any blog/page where we can see any updates or information about it?

And this is how shadows look in the core:

It was last synced with upstream just over a year ago. I can’t easily tell the exact upstream commit, though.

Ubershaders should work. I know aliaspider tested them and confirmed they worked at least at some point. It’s possible they broke at some point, but if so I guess we’d need someone to bisect it and find out when it broke. Luckily, there haven’t been that many commits to it since the last sync.

There are a couple of settings/hacks that won’t activate for some unknown reason (I believe the one to force using a single CPU core and maybe the hyrule field hack? among others?), but most of the compatibility issues are fixed by the ‘Sys’ directory thing.

That’s where dolphin stores their many per-game hacks that greatly affect compatibility. If you already have that Sys stuff set up, when/where did you get it? If you got it from the upstream git repo, it may refer to hacks that don’t exist in the older codebase, so you might try the one(s) from the online updater, which were pulled at the time of the last sync.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t know what version my sys folder was but i deleted it and used one from 1 year ago exactly. Then i tested the sys folder from the latest version. Neither solution fixes the shadows in the game though. I think the core is just buggy, i don’t remember this glitch ever exiting in this game and i find no other mention of it on the internet.

After deleting and refreshing everything (including the shader files from the “user” folder) i get far less shader compilation stutters so i assume ubershaders work. Maybe the issue was old files accumulating or something.


Just a little fact: (Asynch) Ubershaders still stutter the first time you get through a scene that requires some new shaders. Much less than with defaut Synchronous option, but the stutters are there.

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