Anyone get Atari 5200 working under RetroArch?

Thank You :smiley:

Any guide how to get it to run? I’m using 1.4.1. Tried using the Virtual Keyboard but it doesn’t work, pressing the vk ends up with a black screen

I don’t understand , what are you trying ? a5200 roms or a800 disk ect ? First You have to enter RA quickmenu -> core input option> lto change Retropad with Atari Joystick. After you need to set up your bios first by entering in the Atari menu ( button R1) then You can launch content .

On sidenote, i just get an feedback from James Higgs ! and he is ok to allow us to use their code for an libretro implementation of Jum52, if we use the V1.3 source code. That nice and allow to have an alternative to play A5200 .


Thank You that’s the info I wanted :smiley:

One thing on my tablet, when trying to save the configuration it says: Error Writing configuration file

Looking forward to the Jum52 core. Used to use it a lot when I was using Windows

Cool. I want to check it out and see how well it works.

If you created a core, could you upload it to try ?

Awesome news! altho your A800 core works wonderful for me, many thanks for working on it! :slight_smile:

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I set DEFAULT_CFG_NAME to /mnt/sdcard/ for android. you should be able to save your conf now , or edit after.

Just wondering, Did you ever try this ? I got compatablity to work pretty well for the most part but, I was wondering if there was a better advantage to getting a desgined as a 5200 emulator.

Just wondering, as you did great with the Atari 800 emulator…

For now I just fork and made an rough /basic port of jum52 no time to work too much on it for now.

Ok, Thanks for the update and thanks for your help here !

Hi, thank you for this marvelous core better than mess. but Can you show me which are the key for the keypad 1-9 in order to use the overlay picture and acess to some useful options? thanks regards

ever heard anything back @r-type ?

Any chance of getting a (latest version) compiled Atari800 or Jump52 core for Android? The one posted here fails to load on my AndroidTV box, let alone run… (on MM). I’m clueless about compiling it myself… Thanks

yes and it would be nice if we could have the new Atari800 Core Improvements of the recent news for Android. thanks regards

I can’t start games with gamepad START button, only with a keyboard F4… I have edited .atari800.cfg however, it doesn’t work. I tested it with Choplifter.

What I did was to add following lines to .atari800.cfg, but then no change:

SDL_JOY_0_SELECT=8 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_START=9 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_TRIGGER1=1 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_TRIGGER2=2 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_ASTERISK=0 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_HASH=3 <-- button ID
SDL_JOY_0_INDEX=0 <-- index of P1 joystick
SDL_JOY_1_INDEX=1 <-- index of P2 joystick

I was reading here:

Then here:

And here:

No success so far. Can you help me to fix this?

I’m also having trouble getting atari 5200 games working. I have loaded the atari 800 core and placed the 5200.rom inside the /system folder. I also set atari800_system = “5200” in the core options config. I am still getting the following message in the emulator when I try to run this command: D:\RetroArch\retroarch.exe “D:\ARCADE\Atari\Atari 5200\ROMS\Astro Chase (USA).zip” -L D:\RetroArch\cores\atari800_libretro.dll

“Sorry this program needs a real Atari/OS visit the Web pages to find out more”

Any assistance is much appreciated!

You have to copy the bios files 5200.ROM ATARIBAS.ROM ATARIOSA.ROM… take a look to atari800.cfg samples online.

For those who have successfully gotten Atari 5200 games to run with the libretro-atari800 core - have you found the colors to be off? I’ve been using the standalone atari800 emulator on a Raspberry Pi3/Retropie setup and it works fine. I installed the libretro port this week and noticed the colors are way brighter to the point of looking completely washed out. Something weird with my setup or is this others experience on this core as well?

it does look a bit off:

Glad to hear I am not the only one. Today I tried it on my Windows 10 x64 PC and on that platform the colors look right. I am running RetroArch 1.6.7 on Windows, while the Pi is upgraded to 1.6.9. So I’ve got some more comparing to do to see if I can figure out what is up.

UPDATE - After doing some more troubleshooting, it looks like the issue had to do with my original (standalone) Atari800 configuration file. I guess the RetroPie install of the Libretro core also links to this config file to pull settings in, and I’m assuming some video brightness setting was turned way up on my config file as when I deleted my config and relaunched the core the video looks correct now.

First screenshot is the loading screen on Windows. Second screen is the same ROM on the Pi3.