Theres been a few updates to the docs site…bparker and markwkidd have been adding Netplay, compilation and troubleshooting documentation.

We are getting there.

Any requests?

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All Atari cores have now been added afaik.

I my try and do Emux to pick up the last gameboy one in my android online updater list.

If anyone has any thoughts on the docs core library it would be nice to hear comments

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Does anyone have any experience with the overrides system? I haven’t spent too much time in that part of RetroArch myself.

Ho, You miss at least one as I didn’t see atari800 core listed.

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Um what core is that in online updater @r-type?

atari800 is Atari 400, 800, 600 XL, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 Games System I don’t thinks it’s on updater ( as recipe is missing)

related forum entries

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Cool…that looks to have some good documentation.

So currently theres no core for download? I would say low priority myself if its not readily availiable

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yes no core as no one write a recipe (simple as it only require make platform=XXX)
maybe 2/3 in years if it’s the same delay than the hatari core …

I have no clue how all that stuff works…shame because it means its out of reach for the normal user

Things get done when they cant done

I’ll try to get it added. Are there any others that you have ready to use that aren’t getting built automatically?


thanks @hunterk !

atari800 is good as it work fine with Atari 8bits software(games/demo) and support A5200 games too. also at least i think cap32 is missing on windows too. if I remember other cores missing, I will pm you.

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submitted mednafen psx hw documentation. will add a cuesheets, m3u, pbp guide to it eventually.


Great job, looks a fairly involved doc.

Once my latest update (pull request #60) gets merged, can someone fix the button images in the controller table? I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my markdown image syntax.

They’re not embedding on :confounded:

Edit: I think I found the problem. It’s because the Button Pack directory name has a space instead of an underscore

finished the bulk of

also started work on

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There is a google doc with some handy info for naming and bits. Did you want adding to that?

sure, can i get a link to it?

Here is the link

PM me your gmail and I can give you edit access

A few questions.

What does Subsystem in the Feature Support table mean?

What significance does the Controllers entry in the Feature Support table have? I’m guessing entering no would mean the core only supports the RetroPad device type and entering yes would mean the core supports multiple device types, right?

Why are RetroPad and RetroPad w/Analog separate device types in RetroArch? Doesn’t the RetroPad already have analog sticks?

Im not sure on those things. As they were listed with API i guessed they mean something to devs.

I guess the option to have retropad with anolouge is just to have options. Many systems dont need or support analouge sticks.