Anyone Testing Dynarec Beetle PSX?

Well, just updated Beetle PSX wich now have Dynarec! Finally it has been released. Overall speeds have improved a lot, with proper overclock some games can run at smooth 30 or even 60fps! One drawback is that PGXP doesnt look to work anymore when Dynarec is activated.

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That’s correct. No PGXP and no runahead currently. Hopefully that will change in the future, but no guarantees.


True nothing for Certain but I say they are working on it right now.

I have not tested yet as my Normal PC worked fine should check on my laptop as it could get between 40-55fps on PS1 Games and Hopefully this will make it run at full speed

and no texture filtering even with dynarec disabled.

Well, i had some trouble with older savestates anyone?

seems like old savestates dont work with the new version of the core.

That’s correct. Savestates can break at any point. Anything that changes the state of the emulator is liable to break the integrity of the saved state.

That said, here’s a build of it from just before the dynarec was added (win64) that you can use to load your savestate and then go do an in-game save.


I tried this on my Laptop that Struggled to play most PS1 Games with Slower Game Speeds and Sounds Cracking.

On Max Performance and that Made a Big Difference as Sound was Fine and it Ran between 58-60fps and felt ran at Normal Speed.

But made no Difference when I tried Cycle Timing Check and Lightrec Interpreter

So that what I found from that Test

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Hello again! Well as stated, now PGXP is working! however there are some type of stuttering that that isn’t present at Dynarec off. Im testing Chrono Cross Keep The good work!


Too much problems I’ve experienced with any dynarec mode. Tekken 1 and Tekken 3 crash at PSX bios screen. I guess the dynarec needs a still some more work on the accuracy side. Until it has virtually the same compatibility than Beetle Interpreter I’ll be using that one instead.

Is there any place to post dynarec-specific bugs?

Thanks for all the work.

I think this is where most of the action happens: