Anyway to recreate this with Mupen, or otherwise?

Was watching this video about the FPGA stuff for N64, and fell in love with the look on this video @5:34

I remembered that in the mupen core, when looking at the RDP settings, there’s a bunch of VI options to disable. I tried turning those off, but it’s like the texture filtering is the thing holding this back. Standard or 3-point is the only options I can get it seems.

Any other way to achieve this look? Was hoping to find a way to force texture filtering off to see if that worked, but I couldn’t find any results online.

Parallel RDP doesn’t have that option, you can only play with the VI filters, like you said.

I remember there was an old plugin that allowed this. Not GlideN64 but a different one. I even remember one that allowed you to disable textures completely and you could only see the wireframe polygons. It was many years ago though and i don’t remember exactly what plugin ti was. Maybe z64gl or glN64. All obsolete now of course.

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Glide64 which is included in the Parallel-N64 core will allow you to do this.


I use Mupen64Plus-Next with ParaLLEl-RDP plugin. Resolution is set to original without rescaling or other enhancements. I tried to enable and disable some VI filters and the closest match to the video I could get was leaving all VI filters enabled, but disable VI bilinear. Without any shader on top, it looks like this

Mario Kart 64 (U) !-231103-122139

True. Parallel core has the old Glide64 plugin. Choose “nearest” for the texture filtering. Also disable bilinear filtering from the general Video options if you want. This is the result:


Sorry, looking at my timestamp for the video it might not have been as clear as I meant it to be. His statement is at the timestamp, and then he shows what he means in Zelda. I wasn’t referring to the Mario Kart imagery at the exact timestamp itself.

Nearest filter def sounds more like it as opposed to Bilinear. I actually didn’t know the ParaLLEl core still existed. Is it maintained still? I was under the impression the moment the ParaLLEl stuff was put into the Mupen core that the original ParaLLEl core was dropped.

Interesting that option is in Glide in parallel, since in Mupen’s glide has no option for nearest. It’s a little headspinning keeping them straight since they cross so much.

Well, that worked really well. Thanks guys!

Quick screenshot to show, this is with a preset I have for CRT-guest-advanced.

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It still exists and maintained, probably for use on very old systems. It has some ancient stuff in it. Glide64 is the older version before the project was renamed to GlideN64. I remember the confusion between these two plugins. It even has Rice in it, that’s almost retro itself :smile:

But yeah, it’s fun using it for edge cases like this. Though it would be much better if the more modern GlideN64 had this. Or even better, the Parallel-RDP plugin.