Arcade MAME Help

I have been avoiding arcade games forever because of how challenging it seems to be to get Mame working. Recently, while finishing up setting up some console systems I ran into them needing to be ran by Mame. I have been trying for many weeks now to get them running and I am wondering if someone would be interested in a TeamViewer session to help me get 1 or 2 up so that I have a physical basis on how to model the setup of the other systems.

They are GX4000, Channel F, Neo Geo CD,, and Supervision.

Truly appreciate it! Thanks :slight_smile:

Neogeo CD is a headache to get running, and in the end it doesn’t have CD Audio support anyway. So don’t bother with it for now.

From what I understand CHDs have working audio.

I think that FB Alpha is the preferred NeoGeo CD emulator for RetroArch.

As far as MAME arcade emulation goes, the current MAME core (the one without a year) is the most up to date but also the least integrated with RetroArch.

The older cores, particularly MAME 2003 and MAME 2003-Plus provide a much more integrated experience although they only support about 4000 arcade games compared to the 7000 or 8000 of current MAME.

I followed this guide a few weeks ago and I think I even sent you a PM. I could not get it to work properly.

Thanks for writing up that guide. I tried to follow it precisely. Are you sure, it works with the MAME 2003-PLUS core? Because, when I try and load content, I can see a couple of lines complaining about the empty zip file in my log.