Arcade Manager: manage roms in a user-friendly and cross-platform GUI

Main features

  • Multi-platform, works on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • User-friendly, easy to use interface
  • Wizard with pre-built lists of games
  • Download and install an overlays pack (Retropie or Recalbox)
  • Manage rom files: copy or cleanup a selection of roms
  • Manage games lists: download pre-built files, merge and split files, convert DAT or INI files, and more
  • Included help

The wizard will help you build a selection of great games: the top 50 or 200 games, icons, best of the 80’s, best of the 90’s, etc. Lists provided for MAME, MAME2003+ and FBNeo.

User interface

A lot of work has been done on the interface, and the user experience. I hope it’s easy to use, but if it’s not, please file an issue describing your problem. I take user feedback very seriously, and I welcome any kind of feedback.


The latest stable releases are available here:



Update release because the wizard wasn’t working anymore (oops)