Arcade Overlays


My main PC, with all my files on, is in pieces for the moment. I was intending the parts to make up a media centre PC but the case I have is too small, so I am left typing this out on a miniature Alienware PC. If I had remembered to put the files on removable media then I would have them at this very moment and would upload them. Sadly, you don’t think of these things until it’s too late.

And, for a torrent to work I would have to seed until there are enough seeders to keep the torrent alive. Problem with that is I just don’t have the time to keep my PC on 24/7. And things can get quite messy if I do many updates and there are then suddenly multiple torrents floating around and noone knows which is the latest and which is the oldest. And every time I do updates I then also have to seed them.


Hi John!

Just wanted to give a tip on a really god site with alot of Arcade flyers in hq. Maybe these can be of help to you when you need artwork.


Those overlays are beyond awesome! Much thanks for them!!

One question please: I tried to recreate the setup from this thread based on the posed config files but for example I did not get that CRT curvature effect. For me it looks like this:

I converted the cg-shader to clsl-shaders and this is how it looks in Retroarch (6 shaders set up):

Does anyone have an idea what the reason could be why I have no curvature effect? Or any idea why shader is responsible to create that effect? Thanks!

EDIT: Oh I am on a Intel NUC i5 on Lubuntu 16.04 x64 using RetroPie.


The part I like most about these overlays is the screen glare effect, can anyone link me to a tutorial on how to make that effect in either gimp or photoshop? Or maybe just the source used for that layer?


John, do you have a gmail or google account? They have a great reliable file storage (Google Drive) its 15 gigs for free as long as you keep your gmail account.

I have files that have been sitting on there for years and they won’t expire unless I delete them.

After uploading the files, Just make sure you set up the right permissions for the files to be public and your good to go.

Most people that have a gmail account don’t realize that they get 15 gigs of hassle free online storage where files don’t expire.



How to make the config files work on Windows setup? In Notepad it shows only setup for Retropie.

EDIT: This is what I needed.


Your job is impressive! I also work on my own overlays, now working in 4k ones. I like your bezels, but on my overlays I try to use as much screen as possible for the game


I have also appart from lots of arcade overlays a couple that I love, One for playing 16 bits -32 bit consoles

and another for older ones


Impressive @Armandorev

Any eta on a release?


They are allready finished… but did not think on release them of people like i will do. Ive been allways scared about people attributing my work. Also dont want to ruin them with watermakrs. I think ill release them truating people. (Ive suffered something publishing photographs and finding them on other aites saying were made by them) :slight_smile:


Well that’s sad to hear. Still that’s what open-source is all about. Sharing ones passion with others.

There will always be people ripping of others when it comes to Open-source sadly.


Hi there! I’m new here, and i wanted to ask for some help how to activate the Overlays above in Launchbox/retroarch/ Somehow it dont work for me, i can select them (example 1943 png) in retroarch and the shader, but it is not visible in the game, hmm i miss something somewhere ;p


Have you checked the opacity of the overlay is not set to 0%?


Hi Arnandorev, yes its not 0%, i think i have to copy some game specific cfg to the rom folder too?


Hello again me, it works now, sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi John, dear all, thanks for this tremendous achievement - just to let you know that I started working on MAME-only Artwork based on your bezels. They work out nicely - see also

Update 15 February 2017: I now updated the Layout File in a way that you can switch between a Clear Screen (without scratches and reflections) and a Scatch Screen (with all the scratches and reflections). No Artwork duplication! Download Link updated. This is exiting!

DOWNLOAD LINK - any feedback on usage in MAME would be much appreciated!

PS: The combination of your Artwork with the Attract Mode frontend is simply spectacular :slight_smile:

Clear Screen:

Scratch Screen (posted in the reply - I am limited as a new user :slight_smile: )


And here is the Scratch Screen:


Apologies for late replies, lost password, didn’t read the text at the top asking to make a new password until now.

I have converted all my overlays to the MAME lay format, much easier and nicer to use than the often awkward Retroarch way. I even have multiple machines, sit-down and standing, in the same zip file along with animated gear sticks where available - Outrun, Turbo Outrun, Outrunners, etc…

Some pics taken on my 55" LED TV, these are meant for a large TV, not a small monitor.

The overlays are a new design. I have tried something different for a change. Instead of the usual “Pristine” looking machines I have tried to add character and aged-wear and tear to them, making them look more like 30+ year-old machines with cigarette burns, smears, finger prints, dirt and dust. I haven’t added scratches and other stuff over that actual play area this time, so the games are easier to see, with less distractions.

The artwork has had some effects done to them to make them look more like worn cardboard overlays, rather than paper-thing pristine artwork. Along with a texture to give them a cardboard look.

Will put up a video soon.


Hi John the Photos looking really great! I also use a LED 55" TV for this. (but still prefer to play on my original monster CRT’s Mitsubishi XC3725C 37" i have 3 of them! XD ) I’m new to Retroarch and just discovered displays and shaders, i started to use your work, but what does it mean now, the .lay format in combination with retroarch’s shader? Its a different setup?



Again amazing, congratulations! I am a bit sad that there are no screen scratches this time but anyways am very much looking forward! I will continue working on your scratch screen versions because they add so much character and reminds me of my own past :grin: - still with the option to switch them away, which is just so easy to achieve in a MAME layout work. I will see whether I can make a note at Mr. Do’s Artworks, the official MAME repository, because your artwork is just that brilliant!