Arcade Overlays


HI, I love your bezels. However, Im also wanting to add some of my own I’m creating for 1366 x 768. I was wondering if you could share the “Scratched plexi/glas” you use in you arcade bezels.


I take it this posts dead be as well removing it as most of the links are down so people are saying never tried them myself lol.


From what I saw in his other overlays topic, he got mad with somebody and removed all his content over there, might have done the same here. Its a shame, he is an awesome artist.


I don’t know these will work or not. Try these out.

These do work on the Official MAME.


Yep I noticed the same thread. Such a shame


Oh well it’s not the end of the world lol people come and go all the time. I just I never see much going on for bezel artwork, might start my own set again I have quite a lot of free time just now.


Im working on the Driving games first as I want to use my wheel and almost done Out Run already need an image of the plastic bezel for it cant seem to find much decent raw art for it. I have the Shifter done.

I also don’t mind sharing stuff as long as I get credited for it.

High -

Low -


Chase HQ




Looking good goofers



Just playing around to see what can be done man.


Do John Merrit’s overlays and shaders work with the standalone mame?

I’ve tried but can’t get the overlays to show.


Amazing work John thanks for sharing mate


Hi, thanks for these, i love them! How can i set the generic arcade horizantal for mame and fba? (For the ones without their proper bezel)thank you


That’s sad that just because of some difficulties, they decided to remove all of their content. That only serves to hinder the retro-gaming community as a whole. Right when I was finally going to give this .lay stuff a try. What a bummer.


Does anybody know where to get this overlay?


I have created an account here just so that i can share My entire artwork folder from my mame setup. This includes various bezels/overlays by John Merrit / Orionsangel / AshuraX / Vaughan / Griff / Krakerman / Derek Moore / Mr Do. in Mame .LAY format. Every bezel also has John’s glass inserted into it and has had the alpha changed to the correct 70-80% of the original .png. This I believe is something that retroarch can be configured to do but mame cannot. Each game has multiple artworks already configured.

I do not leave the artwork folders in zip format because it is easier to add new images and to edit the .lay to get accurate screen sizing. I recommend this approach for people who are keen on updating the artwork on the fly. I am still refining these settings if i find something not looking quite right.

Bear in mind that this does not include overlays/bezels for all games, but only mine. It has been a long and tough process to do this but I am so pleased with how seamless and authentic it all runs with my maximus arcade setup. Mame is still king as far as using overlays with HLSL goes! Credit MUST go to the original creators and I personally thank them all for making retro gaming so much better!

I will also provide my .inis for the hlsl. I am using mame 0.186 with no issues whatsoever. I think that due to how great eveything looks and feels I will not update mame again!!


OK. So here is the link to the zip file with unified bezels/overlays and .lay files plus the .ini directory with my HLSL settings for mame 0.186

I Use MAME on a 1080p IPS panel and i find these settings to be pretty much as good as I can get them.

If the link is slow to download then I hope one of you guys can upload to a different host. It’s not my area of expertise I’m afraid.

Share and Enjoy! Lets Hope that John Merrit returns with another batch of great overlays as he promised, but these should keep you non Retroarch users happy


Great mamehead! one note, you can easily swap mame overlays with retroarch simply by editing .cfg default file from retroarch instead of using the .lay file from mame! again great work!


Yes, however I think the .pngs have to be edited to reduce the alpha to 80% in MAME otherwise you will have a dull looking screen behind the overlay which is unuseable. So the .cfg trick will not suffice here.

There is no function within the .lay to change transparency so every piece of artwork in my package has been amended. Enjoy!