Arcade Overlays


Cfg trick for retroarch require manually editing and alot of work and time and must be edited per game configs to fit overlay on screen, i made john merrit 40 overlays for 1680x1050 resolution and lost alot of time.


Hi Guys as Goofers is saying “I take it this posts dead be as well removing it as most of the links are down so people are saying never tried them myself lol.”

I took a lot of hours trying to recreate a blank template for this and I am more than willing to share with you.

However, you will need some PS skills to work between the layers

I have also created multiple bezel colors to choose from



This is one of the most exciting topics here and made me register just to answer here that it’s amazing work! I think the overlays should be hosted on github just like the thumbnails as well as the cfg files so everyone who wants them can download them as a package. :slight_smile:


derikpelser do you know how to add gear shifters to the lay files artwork I mean I could do all the bezels if you or someone can to the coordinates and so on in the .lay


I used to have these overlays and all the associated Mame config files so the PC version of Retroarch would automatically load the overlay and the associated shaders when the appropriate game was played. Does anyone have a link for these configs?

The only thing I find in the Libretro repository is for Retropie and… those configs don’t work for the PC.


I would also love to find the original files. As mentioned, all the links are broken to the images. Is John still here?


Not adding anything to the discussion unfortunately, but I’m also searching for the original files for these. I got the Overlays, i got their config files, what i’m looking for is the original Mame core config files for each games, with the shaders, screen size and overlays informations.

All I can find is the ones converted for Retropie and they’re not working with Retroarch Windows version. The informations are there, but you have to manually edit most of the rows for Retroarch to understand them…

Anyone that could help to get the original files, or a way to make these ones working with Retroarch windows ?

Thanks a lot !


If you mean the original retroarch ones - are these what you want? They are raw unformatted so you’ll have to eyeball them for what you want.


Its been a while Floob. Hope you are well :slight_smile:


Hi ! Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Exactly what I was looking, but I was expecting these to be different actually :sweat_smile:

I thought the original config files simply had informations about the shaders / overlays / settings for screen sizes actually, not the whole mame config for each game. I already have quite a lot of games with proper setups and inputs, these are working for what I was looking for, but it also overrides my configs… I doubt there’s a easy way to combine both.

Still, thanks for this, I’ll try to do something :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m also searching for that dirty glass overlay, or this:

…any help? Thank you very much


I think it’s revealing that this is one of the most viewed threads in the libretro forums!

I’m here to post about the new RetroArch bounty fundraiser going on to add at least partial support for the native MAME artwork format (specifically bezels/backdrops/overlays). That support will open up a world of possibilities for sharing and creating new artwork (for arcade and console systems) as part of the well-established MAME and MESS artwork scene.

This effort has been vetted by several RetroArch developers as viable. What is needed now is a coder to take on the project. To that end, donations are welcome.

For what it’s worth I have seen numerous examples of these bounties leading to bugfixes and new features, particularly when the bounty has input from other developers early on like this.