Are these cores possible/in the works?

Just out of curiosity, are these cores possible for integrating into RetroArch or are in the works?

  • Dreamcast (probably nullDC)
  • PS2 (PCSX2)
  • GCN/Wii (Dolphin)

I would’ve said N64, too, except that I’ve noticed that mudlord started work on a mupen64plus port, which I’m pretty excited about.

Plain short answer - no to all three for now.

Other than Dreamcast those systems don’t even deserve to be called retro as well.

lol I agree not quite “retro” there yet. Are ports of emulators for home computers planned though? Like the Sharp x68000, MSX, Amiga, Atari ST etc?

We are already maintaining bazzilion ports. We want external contribution for more obscure stuff.

Hey Maister. do you have plans to add to the libretro, the pcsxc reloaded core?? This emulator was ported sometime ago to the old xbox 1 and it runs at decent speed with great compatibility. There some older open source cores that are faster than reloaded but less compatible like pcsx 1.4 and 1.5 cores.

I think ced 2911, the french coder that released the only working psx emulator to 360 ,will not work anymore on his pcsx libxenon project and the last version released by him is far from finished. Please, It would be amazing to us see a full speed psx emulator running on xbox360 and ps3. Think about it Maister, squarepucher and toad king. keep the good work and sorry for bad english.

I would’ve said N64, too, except that I’ve noticed that mudlord started work on a mupen64plus port, which I’m pretty excited about.

There is no reason to be excited.

Why not?

Because its just code, nothing else.

Are there any plans to port a Neo Geo CD emulator to RetroArch?

No real reason to, though others are free to do so if they want. I’ll put in Neo Geo CD support sometime in the future in FBA libretro instead.

Great, thanks!

Bzsnes would be nice for compatibility with romhacks that only work with zsnes.

However, this was an April Fool’s day release, and the original links are down. I do not know if it’s legitimate, or merely a reskinned bsnes. I have not done the testing to see if works as promised, and can play romhacks that only work in zsnes.

Binary Source

Site with description:

If used, then there should be some disclaimer that explains that this is not intended for regular use.

If it is x86 32bit ASM like the original zSNES, then it’s next to useless for libretro purposes.

x86 32bit is becoming a more and more niche marketshare as well.

Bzsnes is written in C++. It’s said to be a modified version of bsnes itself.

As I said, I haven’t done testing myself, so I don’t know if he simply released a version of bsnes with a zsnes skin as a joke, or if it’s the real thing.

It’s just a modified version of bsnes (circa <v073) that used Qt themes to look like ZSNES. I think he might have modified some things that would allow some common ZSNES-dependent hacks to run (loosened some timing, etc.) but I never verified that myself.

The theme looks clearly different from the real ZSNES look… The ZSNES emulation is not entirely accurate you could say. :smiley: Still pretty cool though. I hope byuu will release v2.0 soon…

why should people support ANYTHING that IDIOT writes?

Who is an idiot and why?

There is a bit of history between some of us and byuu.

To be very frank, I don’t like him either and think he has gone off the deep end. But to each his own. He doesn’t exactly like me either.

Emu scene is kinda eye-for-an-eye in that regard.

Oh ok. I have never talked to him and I haven’t kept track of any of these fights, so I’m not picking sides. I find his political views kind of disturbing but I like his emulation work, that’s all I can say personally.