ArsInvictus' 4K Bezel Overlays

That’s pretty awesome with the marquee and everything

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Yeah, and for whatever reason the screen shots don’t do it justice, in person it looks much more realistic.


Did you purchase the Xtension vertical cab?

Yep, ordered it last night, the 40" pedestal model

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Made a variation for Mars Matrix that is themed off the arcade marquee:


These look fantastic! You’re really making them pop with the Shadows and contrast! I love the combination of the old graphics but presented cleanly around the borders!

I’m curious, what shader are you using for the crt?

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wow the vertical one looks even better, nice retro vibes :star_struck:

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Thanks! I’m using crt-easymode-halation with some tweaked settings. I have a couple variations that I use for different games.

You can see them here:

There are some hardcoded directories in there so you would have to update those to your system. But you can see all the settings there.


Hi @ArsInvictus I wanted to invite you to check out the bezel reflection shader I’m working on if you are interested, it’s still a work in progress, but since you do such awesome work with bezels I thought you might have some suggestions on what you would want in such a shader, since it handles the screen scaling, adding in the bezel, then applying the reflections on top.

I’m also working on getting the inner bezel auto generated, since I find that making the inner edge of the bezel image fit the curvature exactly quite irritating

It’s here:

If it’s not your cup of tea though, that’s totally cool too :wink:


Thanks @HyperspaceMadness. That is pretty incredible looking! Thanks for reaching out.

Yeah, I think the autogeneration of the bezel would be best, just make the size configurable if possible. One thing that concerns me, for the overlays I’m producing, is the amount of usable screen real estate since a lot gets eaten up by the bezel artwork. Lately I’ve often been reducing the screen bezel to just a small slice of black border to maximize that playable area.

For something as cool as those reflections in your shader though, I could see giving up some screen space. :slight_smile:

As for shaders generally, the reason I’ve personally settled on easymode is that it handles different (and lower res) screen sizes very well, without the strange scaling artifacts that seem to pop up in most of the other shaders. I also just like easymode’s shadow mask options and softer scanlines.

I’ll give your shader a try in the next few days and let you know what other feedback I might have.


That’s awesome for vertical screen users!

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Here is a portrait mode overlay for Mushihimesama, I created a variation with just the marquee for people with smaller monitors to maximize screen size.

On the off chance someone out there runs portrait mode and wants to use this, these are both out there on dropbox in the retroarch folder for now, I’ll probably do the MAME config when I get the new cabinet.


I dig that version with the marquee. it maximizes the screen size and reminds me of those 29" candy cabs.

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Gunforce for vertical monitors:

Full bezel:

Large monitor:


Yeah, it feels too big for a 40" monitor to me, but for people with smaller monitors it’s probably more enjoyable to have a larger screen like that. I’ll try to keep offering both options on these vertical overlays.


I can dig it.

I just did a quick lookup of the dimensions on a 29" CRT vs a 40" LCD and it looks like they’re close in actual viewable height (roughly 19.5" for a 40" LCD vs ~20.5" for a 29" CRT), but there are other factors (like brightness) that can come into play to make the LCD more or less comfortable to play on.

The 29" monitors were much less common outside of Japan, as well, it seems. I have a 25" in my woodie and it’s about as big as I like to play that closely. A friend of mine has a bunch of 29" candies and they can be a bit overwhelming.

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Yeah, I actually owned a candy cab with a 29" monitor a number of years back and one of the reasons I sold it off was that I never liked playing that close to such a large screen. I really couldn’t play very well with all that extra eye movement.

I think the 20-25" range is the sweet spot for a cabinet, and a 40" monitor with shaders and overlays like I’m making does a really good job of recreating that on an LCD.


Blazing Star in vertical screen configuration. Again there for RetroArch now, standalone MAME to come later. Available in both full bezel and cropped version to maximize screen size.


Galaga in 4K vertical layout


Gradius 3 4k Vertical

EDIT: Updated cabinet graphic elements to new format