Associating Config files with Cores

How does one force retroarch to load a specific config file when opening a core? For example, I want it to always load PS1.cfg every time I ever load my Beetle PSX core.

if it’s an entire config file and you want it to completely replace your current config, the only way to do that is to use the -c command line switch. Changing settings when a core loads is usually handled with overrides, which are config fragments that only change the things you want to change vs your regular global config.

Other than the -c command-line option hunterk mentioned, you can do the following:

Load a game with the core. Then open the quick menu and select “Overrides” then “Save Core Overrides”. Now exit RA. Go to the RA settings directory, and in he “config” directory you’ll see a directory with the same name as the core. In that directory, you’ll find a <core name>.cfg file. You can replace that file with any other cfg file you want. So rename your other cfg file to <core name>.cfg, and then move it and replace the existing file.

Unfortunately, if you ever do a “Save Core Overrides” again in the future for that core, the cfg file will be deleted and recreated with a minimal configuration in it. So back up your cfg file and never so “save core overrides” again.

Oh, you can also make the cfg file read-only after you have tweaked it to your liking. That way, RetroArch will not be able to override it if you ever save core overrides by mistake.

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